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Brittany the Keyblade Master!

Gender Equality

Okay-hypothetical situations: You have a little boy, who is about 2 years old. You are walking around in Wal Mart with them, and you stop off in the toy section. You promised him one toy of his choice. Your son runs down the alise to pick out a toy, and comes back pushing a very pink baby carriage. It's got lace around the edges, and a doll "napping" inside. You cringe, and your first thought is "Oh my goodness, my son is gay." But you, being an open-minded person, let him push it around while you go around the toy section. You go to the X-Men figures, and try to get him to want one of those. But he really seems to like this stroller. You keep shopping, and in about a half hour you're ready to check out, and he still wants the damn stroller. Do you buy it, or do you suggest a more "boy" toy?

Next: You have two kids, a boy and a girl. You and your husband/wife are having "chore day" and have decided each of the kids will follow one parent around, and learn how to do some household chores. The kids are about 7 or 8 or so. Do you pair your little girl with the parent doing the bathrooms and dusting, or do you pair her with the parent doing lawn care and hedging? For that matter, which parent is doing which chores?

Lastly: You are a full-time employee at a sales company. You work in an office, 8 to 5. Your husband (say you are a woman for this, even if you aren't) works full time at a Walgreens as manager. Your five year old child is sick, and the school wants to call a parent to pick the child up. Does the school have your work number, or your husband's work number?

Please anwser and tell why you would do whatever you would do. -Brit
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