Brittany the Keyblade Master! (magic730dreams) wrote in syllogists_r_us,
Brittany the Keyblade Master!

ok, time to get personal

I have been thinking and debating back and fourth and back and fourth again. I have a friend of mine who is gay. (a few actually...) I am really unsure of where I stand on gay marriage...what do you guys think? Yes or no? The only thing I've come out with for sure is that the gay issues today are a mirror of our parents' genneration racial issues. What are your thoughts?
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I think that gay marriage should be allowed, but not performed as a religous ceremony. It seems sacreligous *excuse my spelling, to lazy to look it up* to have a gay wedding in a church of God, where that kind of thing is frowned upon. Anyway I guess what I'm saying is that I would support a civil union, and I wouldn't so much support a marriage in a Church. I hope that made sense.
that makes a lot of sense. i agree with you.
hmmmm....ok, I can see that. I not sure what I think yet, but I can see where you are coming from.