~*♥*~Pebbles~*♥*~ (lost_n_unfound) wrote in syllogists_r_us,


It's exactly 8:08 in the morning on my computer. I'll keep you posted on time. I have nothing to do this hour. My friend's doing my work for me. I don't wanna be here.
People are do sad. Don't you wish you could change them? I know I do. Like, everyone kills one another and half of the time they can't think of why they would do it. The world is so fucked up and the worst of it is that it knows it is. People throw their shit into one big pile, complain that the pile is too big, and then turn around and walk away. How is this? How can we be so ignorant? It pisses me off because so many lives are being lost and at stake. I mean, if only we could force people to open their fucking eyes and see what shit they're causing... But then... would they even care?

The world's fucked up.

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